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If you wish to submit an article for publication, please follow the guidelines below. Send queries to articles@azizahmagazine.com


AZIZAH is the magazine for the contemporary Muslim woman. This educated woman is confident about her Islamic faith and continually seeks to improve all aspects of her life. AZIZAH magazine presents her aspirations and achievements, reflects her experiences and empowerment, and her contributions and concerns as she seeks spiritual growth in today's world. It is a magazine that serves as a source of information, inspiration and ideas, as well as a line of connection to other like- minded Muslim women.

AZIZAH is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts. However, queries are always welcomed and are responded to within five weeks. When presented for editorial consideration, queries should include a concise description of one compelling idea, the value to AZIZAH readers, the sources that will be used (including interview subjects) and the author's qualifications for writing the article. Queries should also indicate for which department or section of the magazine the articles should be considered. Limit query letters to one page, and attach one or two published writing samples. All submissions must be submitted electronically in Word format, using Times font, size 12. No queries are required for fiction or poetry.

All articles should be written from the perspective of the thinking Muslim woman, avoiding a didactic voice, and addressing persons or issues pertinent to her. Pieces should contain unique information, be tightly focused and challenge the readers to think or talk about this subject after they have completed their reading. Original quotes and interesting anecdotes should be used to lift the article off the page and draw the reader closer to the feeling of the piece. Statements about Islam should always be illustrated with Qur'anic ayat, and only sound ahadith may be used as references.

The optimum length of regular features and fiction should be between 1500 and 2500 words, special features are up to 3700 words and viewpoint pieces should be no longer than 1700 words. Rates vary depending on the article, and payment for first rights is made upon acceptance of the article. At present, there is no payment for poetry. Previously published articles are not accepted. If a query is accepted, the writer will be contacted and offered an assignment contract with the terms of publication, article parameters and due date.

We strongly suggest that you research AZIZAH, its editorial tone, format and vision before submitting queries. This will help to lessen the probability of rejection.

At present, AZIZAH is a quarterly publication and issues are planned far in advance. If you wish to submit an article for publication, please follow the guidelines above. Send queries to articles@azizahmagazine.com