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After a severe illness or a bad accident, the healing process takes time, courage and hope. Since recovery is both physical and emotional, faith is an indispensable component for healing. Here, three women tell their stories of faith and healing.

An Automobile Accident Changed My Life
by Fatima Basic

On a bright sunny afternoon in April of 1994, a car crossed into the lane in which my husband and I were driving; it hit our van head on changing my life drastically. For the next four years I experienced migraines, fatigue and memory loss.

Looking back I realize the accident could have been fatal, but with Allah’s grace I was saved. Although I hit my head and knees hard on the dashboard and suffered whiplash, x-rays showed no broken bones, and it could have been much worse because our van stopped just short of an electrical pole. The doctor gave me painkillers and sent me home.

Soon afterwards, I started experiencing migraines and hearing loss. As my symptoms progressed, I went from specialist to specialist, finally learning that my troubles stemmed from a frontal head injury. The specialists tried their best to help me, but in the end told me to learn to live with the chronic pain; they could do no more for me.

Not willing to accept this prognosis, I tried various painkillers to manage the pain but nothing worked, so I started looking for alternatives. What I learned throughout this process was that when you have a head injury, you may look normal to friends and family while chronic pain and depression wreck your day.

I became a completely different person from the active, life-loving woman I had been before the accident. Prior to the collision, I had divided my time between my entrepreneurial enterprise and my humanitarian work – helping children affected by the war in Bosnia. My injuries forced me to dramatically slow down, but with Allah’s mercy I managed to continue my charity work, focusing on a particular orphanage in Bosnia that touched my heart.

Helping those children who had lost their parents changed my perspective; they had survived an entire war and I had survived an accident. Determined to start living again, I began by working with herbalists studying cures and using the numerous natural remedies they prescribed for me. My mother, who was knowledgeable in natural healing methods, recommended I try pure honey, pollen and royal jelly along with my natural remedies. Finally, something worked and I was on the long road to recovery.

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