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Slideshow Image 1 Young members of "Azizija" Islamic choir in Orašje Bosnia. By Almir Alic.
Slideshow Image 2 Sharing at a Ramadan iftar at the local masjid. By Reem Faruqi, USA.
Slideshow Image 3 Young girl from Bangladesh running in the rain to her masjid for Quran lessons. By Kaisar Ahamad.
Slideshow Image 3 A young Libyan girl making Dua'a. By Mohamed Masaoud.
Slideshow Image 3 Photo of Henna by Aisha Anwar, Charlotte, NC
Slideshow Image 3 Father and Daughter after first successful Ramadan by Tawfiq Martin from California
Slideshow Image 3 Diversity at the Mosque by, Tehzeeb Hassan, Salisbury, MD
Slideshow Image 3 Mother and child reading Quran. By Amril Nuryan, Indonesia


The Spirit of Ramadan

Copyright ©2013 International Ramadan Photography Competition


This is the third year for the International Ramadan Photography Competition (IRPC) entitled
Capture the Spirit of Ramadan.  This world-wide contest bills itself as a “30-day visual celebration that will educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world about the holy month.”

The IRPC, a volunteer-based organization, invites photographers to send in their pictures of anything connected to the month of Ramadan. It receives thousands of submissions from over 60 countries around the globe. The photos vary widely and include masjids, landscapes, people in prayer and of course, iftar and suhoor meals.

Many of the images truly capture the serenity of this month and evoke the deep sense of God-consciousness radiated by those to observe the fast of Ramadan.  From the thousands of entries, the final images are chosen and published in a unique book that encapsulates the essence of Muslim life during Ramadan, with all its colorful diversity and rich spirituality.

These amazing photographs might artfully portray the care with which a child shares a treat, the urgency of getting to Qur’an class on time, the tranquility of the prayer line and much more.

These images are a feast for the eyes and the heart. They are for those who are fasting and those who wish to know about the spirit of Ramadan. http://spiritoframadan.org