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AZIZAH is the lifestyle magazine for Muslim American women.

This publication reaches the thinking Muslim woman who looks to improve all aspects of her life. The AZIZAH reader is college-educated and has an annual household income of $70,000. 95 % of AZIZAH subscribers are in the continental U.S. with a growing number in Canada, the Caribbean, Western Europe, South and East Asia, the Middle East and East Africa. Our top five national readership areas are: California, New York City metro area, Washington, DC metro area, Atlanta, GA metro area and Chicago, Illinois. Advertising in AZIZAH AZIZAH is the best way to reach the diverse, niche market of American Muslim women.

If your business offers a product or service to the Muslim American woman, she'll be looking for your ad in AZIZAH. You will find that AZIZAH Magazine is the best way to tap this emerging market. Click here to download the media kit.



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