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As salaamu alaykum – peace be on you.

Azizah is the world’s window to the Muslim American woman. The first magazine of its kind, Azizah was launched in October 2000; we are now celebrating the wonderful milestone of our 14th year anniversary.

The Azizah team is grateful and pleased to be sharing the powerful stories and rich images of Muslim women in North America with the world. In doing so, we counter the many negative portrayals, the one-dimensional stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslim women commonly held, both within the Muslim community and beyond.

The Azizah team was thrilled to receive the 2009 New America Media Award for Environmental Journalism and to win the 2010, 2012 and 2013 FOLIO Eddie Awards in the Religion and Spirituality category.

Azizah enables the Muslim woman to define her own agenda; it serves as a vehicle for her voice and as a catalyst her empowerment. The Azizah woman makes no apology for being a woman and no apology for being a Muslim. She’s inspired and inspirational. Catch the spirit of the Azizah woman.



Tayyibah Taylor (1952 - 2014)

As the founding editor-in-chief and publisher of Azizah Magazine, Tayyibah Taylor realized her vision to provide a vehicle for the voice of Muslim American women.  She was determined to positively change the image of Muslim women in America. She wanted to portray us the way we are: observant, informed, multi-talented, powerful, kindhearted, knowledgeable, noteworthy, and diverse.

Ms. Taylor travelled worldwide representing Azizah and presented lectures on Islam and Muslim women at national and international conferences as well as spoke about women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship.  She also worked on several interfaith initiatives.

Born on the island of Trinidad, Ms. Taylor grew up in Toronto, Canada and lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for several years. Ms. Taylor has been named as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World by the Middle Eastern think tank The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies. 


**** TEAM AZIZAH****

Fadwa Abida
Translator/Website & Media Development

Fadwa Abida became a member of the Azizah Team in 2009 when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Born in a small Moroccan town called Ben Guerir, Fadwa Abida grew up in Morocco's southwestern city of Agadir with her loving parents and four siblings. There, Ms. Abida studied administrative management and accounting at the French Institute of Technical Training, and soon realized that working with computers and solving math problems was her academic passion. 

Ms. Abida is now studying Computer Sciences at a Georgia college. Fluent in Arabic, French and English, Ms. Abida works at Azizah as a translator, frequently translating interviews and articles.  She often lends her technical expertise to the Azizah website and also has contributed artwork.  “To me, painting is an open door to a world of peace and serenity,” she says.



Iman AbdoulKarim
Managing Editor

Iman AbdoulKarim is serving as Managing Editor for Azizah. Born in Akron, OH, Ms. AbdoulKarim is one of nine children. She is currently a student at Dartmouth College and double majoring in Government and Anthropology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

With extensive journalistic experience, Ms. AbdoulKarim has been awarded Superior and Honorable Mention in both news, feature, and editorial writing by the Ohio Scholastic Media Association. While at Dartmouth, she holds a chair on the Executive Board of the Afro-American Society, is captain of the Dartmouth Cheerleading Team, is a Research Assistant and served as a Tucker Fellow in Guatemala in the summer of 2014.

Ms. AbdoulKarim is “more than thrilled to be working with a publication that constantly redefines and challenges what it means to be a Muslim woman in America.”


Mariam Abdul-Aziz

Mariam Abdul-Aziz has worked with Azizah Magazine since its inception.  Ms. Abdul-Aziz fills several roles, including writing, editing, customer service and representing the magazine at conferences. 

She says, “I am delighted to be working with such a groundbreaking vehicle of empowerment and representation for Muslim women.”

Ms. Abdul-Aziz holds a degree in Psychology and is an avid advocate for those dealing with mental health conditions.  Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Seattle, Washington, Ms. Abdul-Aziz currently resides in Atlanta with her supportive husband and two young daughters.  She enjoys sports and travel, especially to beaches around the world.    


Zahra Ayubi, PhD
Editor In Chief

Zahra Ayubi is the Editor in Chief of Azizah Magazine and also an Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religion at Dartmouth College. 

A Ph.D. from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Ayubi’s areas of research and teaching are Islam and gender, modern and classical Islamic ethics, American Islam, and religion and feminist theory. She completed her Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University. Her current book project is about constructions of masculinity and femininity in pre-modern Islamic Ethics.

Dr. Ayubi’s editorial stewardship of Azizah Magazine is motivated by her belief in Muslim women reclaiming their voices and the pen for creating empowering media. She has served on staff of Azizah Magazine since 2006.


Kelly Izdihar Crosby
Contributing Editor

Kelly Crosby has worked with Azizah Magazine for the past seven years as an editorial assistant, writer and contributing artist. Ms. Crosby has also written for such publications as Iqra Newspaper, Illume Magazine, Q-News Magazine, AltMuslim.com and Muslim Link Magazine. 

As a professional artist, she has shown her work in galleries across the United States and in Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, she currently lives south of Atlanta, Georgia with her family.  Her work and musings can be found at www.kellyizdihar.com



Azizah Kahera
Chief Operations Officer

Azizah Kahera has been with Azizah Magazine for fifteen years. As COO, she manages advertising sales and has implemented new management techniques and procedures. Formerly employed by Delta and the Center for Disease Control, Ms. Kahera has a strong background in corporate customer relations, project management and business operations.  

Motivated by her desire to ensure Azizah remains a prosperous and sustainable business in the constantly evolving global market, Ms. Kahera is at the forefront of the creation of the Azizah International Edition. This edition will feature the accomplishments and perspectives of Muslim women around the world.

Azizah has lived in the Middle East and has travelled extensively throughout Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  She represents Azizah magazine at conferences and events across the country and around the world.  A graduate of Rutgers University, Ms. Kahera currently serves on the Advisory board for the Atlanta Young Muslim Professionals and the My World Global Citizenship for Teens. She also serve as a Community Coach for the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.



Nisa Muhammad
Fashion Editor

Nisa Muhammad has long been a fan and advocate of Azizah Magazine. Recognizing that Islam has become an integral part of our society, she understands the value Azizah Magazine presents in fostering halal fashion and perspectives that the Muslim community cherishes and desires. This thinking inspired her to write articles for Azizah Magazine that are Islamically centered.

"Muslim women are models for modesty that the world needs to see. In a country that's relentless in debasing women via immodest clothing and immodest lifestyles. I hope to contribute new ideas that are cutting edge, thus enabling us to attract more readers, maintain our loyal subscribers and continue to demonstrate the beauty of Islam.

Ms. Muhammad is a native Washingtonian, a graduate from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and studied journalism at Howard University. Ms. Muhammad has written for a variety of national and local publications and has covered a variety of fashion shows for Azizah Magazine as a contributing writer.
Ms. Muhammad is the wife of Abdul Jalil Muhammad and the mother of Haki, Nasser and Majidah.


Ume Naqvi
Contributing Editor

Ume Naqvi is an award winning writer and editor.  She has been a Nonfiction Editor and Promotions & Marketing Lead at REED Magazine. Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, Ms. Naqvi is particularly interested in writing about immigration, cultural assimilation and dual consciousness.

In 2013, Ms. Naqvi was awarded San Jose State University’s Undergraduate Research Grant. Since then, Ms. Naqvi has twice been awarded the James D. Phelan Award in poetry, and most recently became the 2014 recipient of the Phelan Awards in short story, familiar essay and satire/humor essays. She also received the prestigious Ruth MacLean McGee Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction. Student and SuperMom (of three children) by day, when Ms. Naqvi isn’t busy saving the world she writes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. She writes feature and lifestyle articles for Azizah and serves as contributing editor.



Endesha Raheem
Editorial Assistant

Endesha Raheem joined Azizah in 2004 as an editorial assistant at the invitation of the founding, editor-in-chief and publisher, Tayyibah Taylor. When she is not editing and proofreading articles for Azizah, Ms. Raheem serves as an accountant/auditor for the Federal government.  True to the meaning of her name, Endesha – Kiswahili – to set in motion, Ms. Raheem energetically represents Azizah at events and actively promotes subscription sales. 

Born in Harlem, New York, Ms. Raheem converted to Al-Islam in 1969 through the Darul-Islam movement in Queens, New York.  She is active in the Muslim communities of the Washington, DC/Maryland metropolitan areas and holds three accounting degrees, including a Master of Science. Endesha is the mother of three, grandmother of eleven and great-grandmother of one; a four generations Muslim American family.



Sana Rahim
Social Media - Twitter

Sana Rahim manages Azizah Magazine’s Twitter account. Passionate about the power of social media, Ms. Rahim is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to spread the Azizah message across the Twitterverse.

Ms. Rahim is also an ardent advocate of human rights, women’s rights and interfaith dialogue. Most recently, she served as a Faiths Act Fellow for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. During her Fellowship, she worked in Atlanta, Georgia on interfaith projects and raised funds for malaria prevention in Sierra Leone.

In 2009, Ms. Rahim worked at the Istanbul Bilgi Human Rights Research Center where she analyzed legal implementation of women's rights legislation. In 2010, she received The Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Grant to further explore gender equality in Turkey, specifically identifying and analyzing best practices and approaches of women’s NGOs towards women's rights. A graduate of Northwestern University, Ms. Rahim is honored to be a member of Team Azizah



Marlina ‘Nina’ Soerakoesoemah
Co-founder and Creative Director

Marlina ‘Nina’ Soerakoesoemah is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Azizah Magazine. She manages the art direction and works with graphic designers, photographers and artists to ensure each page of the magazine is captivating and oversees the website, production and printing of Azizah in Seattle, Washington. She lives in Redmond with her husband and two teenage sons. Born in Indonesia and raised in the Philippines, Ms. Soerakoesoemah studied Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon.

Ms. Soerakoesoemah is a founding member of Muslim Association of Puget Sound, Masjid Ar Rahmah, in Redmond and has served on its board of directors, as the Women’s Affairs Secretary as well as its board of trustees. Active in the Muslim American Society, Seattle Chapter, Ms. Soerakoesoemah is currently its Executive Director and is on the board of the Muslim Community Resource Center in Redmond.



Sofiariantika Primananda 'Nanda' Wilson
Design Editor

Sofiariantika Primananda Wilson, also known as Nanda, studied Advertising at the University of Indonesia. The advertising industry held no fascination for Ms. Wilson, but it did introduce her to the art of graphic design, with which she fell in love. She now works as a freelance graphic designer and is part of the Azizah Magazine creative team. She enjoys playing around with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver and gets very excited when mixing them with traditional techniques. “My style can best be described as imaginative, youthful, colorful and vibrant,” she explains.

Ms. Wilson loves designing and creating illustrations for children’s books as much as she loves the sprinkle raindrops of Seattle, Washington, where she resides with her baby son and husband. When not designing and mothering, Ms. Wilson makes beautiful music with her husband, literally; they released the second Mr. and Mrs. Muffins vinyl record last summer. (www.nandawilson.com)